Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get the $20 coupon?

A: Easy. You can either: 1) Send an email to Include your name and attach your Order Confirmation or Sales Receipt to the email. Or, 2) If you received your Order Confirmation or Sales Receipt via email, simply forward that email to Either way, we’ll send you your coupon code within 24 hours. Have fun shopping!

This offer is now over. Thank you for all who participated!


Q: How can I submit a listing for the book?

A: The way to get it to us quickly is by using the form here: Please make sure to fill out all the fields.


Q: What does “curated” and “vetted” mean about the listings in the book?

A: It means that we have checked each link at the time the book was created to make sure that the person or company listed is in business, open to working with self-published authors, and is not a scammer looking to rip you off.


Q: Do you know every person in the book?

A: No, not all of them, but we have checked each listing as carefully as we can to make sure you’re getting current and accurate information to help you on your publishing journey.


Q: Do you list any agents in your book?

A: No, no agents. Remember, this is a book for indie authors who, by definition, are publishing their books themselves, with or without the help of publishing professionals or subsidy publishers.


Q: Are (illustrators, ebook distributors, etc.) included in the book?

A: You can find a complete list of the 35 categories of resources in the book here:


Q: Do you guarantee the work of all the people and companies in the book?

A: Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee every single person or company listed in the book. What we can guarantee is that it will take a lot less time finding service providers by using The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide, that’s our promise to you.


Q: If I have a problem with someone I found in your book should I let you know?

A: We’re always interested in hearing about your experience, so if you like, please use our contact form or send an email to


Q: How often will the book be updated?

A: We plan to update the ebook edition of The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide ebook every few months. The print edition will be updated once each year, so we’ll have a new edition reflecting all the changes at the end of 2016.