The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide is a living document

Although we have tried to gather the most valuable resources for indie authors, it’s inevitable that some have been missed, and new products and services are constantly being introduced. We want your help to make it even better. If you know of a person, company, product, or service of value to independent authors that’s not included in this guide, please let us know. You can send submissions to be included in the next edition of The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide by the contact form below. Thank you.

Essential Qualification Guidelines for those who wish to be listed in The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide.

  1. Extensive, professional experience in serving the self-publishing community.
  2. A current, informative, interactive website.
  3. Complete contact information; location (city, state/province, country), phone number, email address, and contact person if applicable.
  4. Outstanding reputation; positive client/customer testimonials and/or reviews.

Essential Qualification Guidelines for resource books to be listed in The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide.

  1. One book per author
  2. Copyright with in the last 24 months
  3. Fresh, informative, well written and professionally packaged

The final decision on all listings is at the editors’ discretion.

Note: Personal connection or recommendation of resource/business, is meant for anyone who is recommending someone else’s business. Say You are an author and use an editor not listed in the book. You can put that into the submission as your connection (I am an author who uses these services) and recommendation (what you think of the services you receive). It would not apply to someone who is asking for their own company to be included.